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Invisibility Cloak a Step Closer, Introverts Count Days

The much-desired invisibility cloak is almost upon us. However, the men of science didn’t say exactly when. No matter, we have pics. Sort of.


As an out (in), loud (silent), and proud (shamed) introvert, I personally popped an emotional wheelie (behind a closed door) at the news of science’s latest one-day-in-the-near-future accomplishment. The invisibility cloak. It’s almost here. Don’t you see?

The advancement was made by the extremely Bond-villain sounding Dr. Luigi La Spada who hangs his lab coat in the cupboard of the Queen Mary University in En-ger-land.

But allow me to quickly remove the jam from all our doughnuts.

Invisibility, at this stage, is limited to making things flat. And flat, if you happen to be an electromagnetic wave, is not there. The material, which is a nanocomposite, holds a sufficient amount of layers to ensure that the waves do not scatter vis-à-vis invisibility. And yes, while this sounds like an epic boner-killer or the kind of tosh a scientist would spout on Tin/Grindr as a double entendre, it’s rather important.


Note how the waves remain constant through the object. Credit: Dr La Spada/Queen Mary University of London.

Think of it as the apple that hit Newton on the head. While the apple is yet to fall, it exists. It’s on the branch, man. That being said, The Big Smoke can exclusively release images of the nanocomposite attached to a prototype garment:

Source: Instagram

Source: Instagram

Until that is released to general public and, alas, the scientists (or our mysterious contact) didn’t say, so what we’re left with is vast speculation. Speculation that may lead to disappointment when it doesn’t meet the levels of our expectation. Much like that train set I never received for Christmas, Pop.

But whatever, that’s defeatist. Let’s focus on the romantic possibilities, which is what science is all about. Not results.

Think of it. One brilliant morning in year whenever, the finely tuned “don’t talk to me” scowl will be retired and the “headphones placed in ear, but not in headphone jack” will be rent asunder.

Then, oh then, sweet people, we’ll be able to participate in society without actually being part of it. Then the coffee shops, parks, drinking establishments, and the harsh circle of the transit system will be ours.

Unfettered, at peace, and entirely singular. Oh, happy days.



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