Jeff Reese

Double the Pfffffft: Men’s Rights Activists and Rage

Jeff Reese has not moved to Mexico yet, so he's feeling extra rant-y. Bringing you double the Pfffffft: a rant against moron men's rights activists and a rant about raging (and aging).     Men’s Rights Activists: Fuck Off, You Troll Cunts Yes, I get the irony in using the word “cunt” in the title ... Read the full article
Jeff Reese

Jeff Reese is a blue-collar socialist living in Colorado. He’s worked his adult life in the automotive industry fixing, as he puts it, “broken shit.” And he loves fly-fishing.

If a Body Catch a Body at the New Teacher Center Symposium

“Confessions of an Educator” columnist Chris Margolin attended New Teacher Center’s 18th National Symposium on Teacher Induction and shares everything he found inspiring.