Steven Conway

Stay Alive, and If Something Moves, Shoot It: One Year of Phenomenal Success for Fortnite

Fortnite. A free game, painted in neon rubbish, solely populated by twelve-year-olds and adults of a similar maturity. The game has made $1.2B. How/why?   The online videogame Fortnite Battle Royale was launched just a year ago ... Read the full article
Steven Conway

Dr. Steven Conway is a Senior Lecturer and Course Director for Games & Interactivity at Swinburne. Dr. Conway has presented on many aspects of digital game philosophy, aesthetics, and culture, and has had a variety of articles published on these subjects in journals such as Eludamos, Game Studies, the Journal of Gaming & Virtual Worlds, Westminster Papers in Communication & Culture, Sport, Ethics & Philosophy, Analog Game Studies, and ToDiGRA: Transactions of the Digital Games Research Association. He is the co-editor of the first book on the relationship between video games and policy, Video Games Policy: Production, Distribution and Consumption.

How Cops Used a Public Genealogy Database to Catch the Golden State Killer

With the infamous Golden State Killer finally caught, it was mostly thanks to a freely available genealogy library, much the same as your bored aunt uses to fill in the family history.