Matthew Reddin

Toxic Star Wars Fans, May the Farce Be with You

Enabled by their headlines to remake The Last Jedi, the toxic fandom of Star Wars is becoming more powerful than we could ever imagine.    Every day I make the mistake of logging on to various social media platforms. I do this under the guise of "staying informed." Many of the feeds and sites I follow are either news and politics or the world ... Read the full article
Matthew Reddin

Matt Reddin has been writing nonsense about film, TV, books, music, and live theatre for a touch over 20 years. He’s gone from the halcyon days of street press in Perth, to regional dailies, national magazines, and major metropolitan newspapers. Now, in between bouts of sporadically yelling at clouds, he vents his creative spleen at

How Cops Used a Public Genealogy Database to Catch the Golden State Killer

With the infamous Golden State Killer finally caught, it was mostly thanks to a freely available genealogy library, much the same as your bored aunt uses to fill in the family history.

International Women’s Day: Advice from Those Who Have Succeeded in Business

In the spirit of International Women’s Day, we’ve asked the inspiring women of business for advice and to share the lessons they’ve learned.