Gerald Quigley

Getting Old Is Inevitable – Feeling Old Is Preventable

We all get old. But while we may look it, a slight change in diet will ensure we don't feel it.   There is a significant difference between how old we are and how old we feel. What side of the equation would you like to stay on? Do you want to succumb to the “illness” model, where the “pill for every ill” concept thrives? No way! We need ... Read the full article
Gerald Quigley

Gerald Quigley is a Community Pharmacist and Master Herbalist with skills in the integration of complementary medicines with prescribed medicines. Gerald’s regular media includes 3AW Melbourne, 4CA Cairns, 2CC Canberra, 2UE Sydney, 4BC Brisbane, 3GG Gippsland and 6PR Perth. His early morning, hour-long segment through Fairfax Media is syndicated across Eastern Australia. He is often sought for comment on Channel 9’s A Current Affair. Gerald is a regular weekly guest on House of Wellness TV on the Seven Network each Sunday morning.

Speaking on Behalf of The “Anxious” Generation

We, the anxious Millennials, are derided for being delusional, self-centered, and medicated. We, however, see this as an adequate avenue of tolerating the world being left to us.