Gordon Smith

(Love) Handle with Care: How Science Could Soon Change Your Lumpy Physique

Through the medium of nanotechnology, science has created a patch that will quietly reduce your love handles. The future is here.   "More to love," "cuddle-friendly," "winter baggage": what ever cutesy way you dress it up, your hips are as fat-riddled as they are prone to lie. Sure, they might help give your belly a more rounded, friendly face, and they ... Read the full article
Gordon Smith

Journalist by day, cunning linguist by night. A passion for politics, hypnotically involved in human rights. An Australian born with a Japanese tongue, hoping to hold the bigwigs in government to account.

Speaking on Behalf of The “Anxious” Generation

We, the anxious Millennials, are derided for being delusional, self-centered, and medicated. We, however, see this as an adequate avenue of tolerating the world being left to us.