Gay Mackie

To Those Mothers Who Feel Alienated, Today Is Yours Too

Mother’s Day is a grand celebration. However, to those who don’t fit the definition, today can be brutal.    Mother’s Day. Each one that rolls around grips me with a sadness, a melancholy. Today, for me, is a day of musing on what I lost, instead of what I have gained. You see, I’m one of the unfortunates, as I lived long enough to attend the ... Read the full article
Gay Mackie

Gay Mackie is a retired print journalist who spends her time at yoghurt, tap dancing, and asleep between the hours of 2-4pm. She'd also like to make it clear that The Big Smoke Australia Editor-in-Chief is her grandson.

Dear Grandson: Guns in Schools and the Never Again Movement

Stan Gerding writes to his grandson about the recent school shooting in Parkland, Florida, and the gun control movement further stoked by it.