Loretta Barnard

How Much Has the Language of Love Changed Over the Years?

The act of love might remain unchanged through the centuries, but has our way that we approach it changed?    Back in the day, finding a life partner was a lot simpler than it is today, mainly because someone else chose your partner for you. Marriages were arranged for dynastic or political reasons and to bring money or status into a family. Love rarely ... Read the full article
Loretta Barnard

Loretta Barnard is an Australian freelance writer and editor who, in a long career, has done almost everything possible in the book publishing industry. These days she actively pursues her love of music, literature and theatre, and is something of wannabe roving ambassador for the creative and performing arts.

Dear Grandson: Guns in Schools and the Never Again Movement

Stan Gerding writes to his grandson about the recent school shooting in Parkland, Florida, and the gun control movement further stoked by it.