Ingeborg van Teeseling

Barber’s Cut: The Fringe Theory to End Nation States

As 75% of the world's population will be living in cities by 2050, American visionary Benjamin Barber believes we should tear down nations in favor of an advanced network of global cities.   A few months ago, I presented you with a series of ... Read the full article
Ingeborg van Teeseling

After migrating to Australia from Holland ten years ago and being warned by the Immigration Department against doing her job as a journalist, Ingeborg van Teeseling became a historian instead. She is writing a book and runs Lifebooks, telling people's life stories.

The Unfulfilled Dream of Martin Luther King

In the general consciousness, the lessons of Martin Luther King seem to have been forgotten; especially today, as the U.S. faces a similar divide to that which he sought to bridge.