Jane Caro

Jane Caro Is Outing Outrage

Despite the inflammatory times we live in, I don't do outrage. It's pointless. That being said, if I see something outrageous, I will call it out.   I don’t do outrage. I find it unproductive, exhausting, and self-defeating. This does not mean that I don’t do disagreement, criticism—both scathing and measured, occasionally anger and (often) scorn ... Read the full article
Jane Caro

Jane Caro has a low boredom threshold and so wears many hats, including: author, novelist, lecturer, mentor, social commentator, columnist, workshop facilitator, speaker, broadcaster, and award-winning advertising writer.

What the World Needs Now, Part II: The Story of Slaves / The Story of Kings / The Story of the Africans in America

In America, in this day and age, it’s time to mine richer material than the tired American Slave Story that chains us. Here are the thought leaders who will take us there.

Risen Apes: All Day Long

S.M. Park’s continuing column Risen Apes about being a 70-year-old boomer. In “All Day Long,” Park thinks about sports and the influences our parents make on us, including the truths and non-truths they choose to tell us.

What the World Needs Now Is Not Another Slave Story, Part I: The One Story We Cannot Stop Telling Ourselves

Could 2019, exactly 400 years since slavery and its twin offspring of racism and discrimination, be the year in which racism in America dies?