John S. Blake

I Didn’t Fall Through, I Was Pushed: The Cracks of America’s Educational System

John S. Blake examines his path through America's educational system, and why compassion, not prejudice, could have changed his direction sooner.   If you’ve ever had a cracked screen on your cell phone, you know phones don’t fall. You drop them. Someone knocks them over. They get banged around in a backpack, pocket, or pocketbook. It’s an ... Read the full article
John S. Blake

John S. Blake is a cisgender, African American writer, poet, activist, and youth advocate originally from New York City. He’s currently studying African American Studies and English, with concentrations in Gender/Sexuality, Sociology, and Creative Writing, aiming for his Masters in Education at Virginia Commonwealth University. He facilitates creative writing and intersectionality workshops nationwide.

Objective Journalism Is Not Unbiased Journalism

At a time when media outlets claim to be unbiased and fair, they do a disservice to the truth. Not all ideas deserve the same amount of media coverage; and when incorrect ideas held by a minority are propagated, they lend more credence than is deserved.