Dr. Jennifer Wilson

State of the Union: Pence Leading Admin’s Definition of Marriage

Led by Vice President Mike Pence, the Trump administration's definition of a healthy marriage is a little odd and very, very regressive.   I was intrigued last week to observe on Twitter a good deal of chatter from conservative religious types on the topic of husbands who refuse to eat alone with any woman other than their wife. The not eating with ... Read the full article
Dr. Jennifer Wilson

Jennifer is an independent scholar, eclectic writer, and prolific political blogger at No Place for Sheep. She has published academic papers, book chapters, short stories, a memoir, and poetry. There is no box she will not think outside of. So far.

The Unfulfilled Dream of Martin Luther King

In the general consciousness, the lessons of Martin Luther King seem to have been forgotten; especially today, as the U.S. faces a similar divide to that which he sought to bridge.