Loretta Barnard

The Origin of St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick's Day is again upon us, but what's it all about? For those of you who yelled out "potatoes" or "Guinness," see me after class.   In the fifth century the story goes, St. Patrick, actually a Welshman, drove the snakes out of Ireland. As there have never been snakes in that country, the story should be interpreted as symbolic. Snakes represent ... Read the full article
Loretta Barnard

Loretta Barnard is an Australian freelance writer and editor who, in a long career, has done almost everything possible in the book publishing industry. These days she actively pursues her love of music, literature and theatre, and is something of wannabe roving ambassador for the creative and performing arts.

As Surely as I Stand Here.

As a victim and survivor of a shooting, Jonathan Benjamin-Alvarado speaks about the often ignored aspects of mass shootings: the injuries, the damage, the recovery, the trauma. He vows to speak out and joins the Never Again Movement. #NeverAgain

My Problem with Andre

At first glance, presumably consensual, flirtatious shenanigans acted out in a public forum littered with minor glitz might seem banal. The perp, no matter the level of his celebrity, is equipped with a power differential to leverage. Which he did. His target complies. Until she doesn’t.