Jacob Meeks

Why Hate?

Jacob Meeks examines hate and how we must continue to stand up against it following the terrifying attack that occurred on the light-rail train in Portland, Oregon, that left two dead and one seriously wounded.   I don’t know if I understand hate. I don’t know if I’ve ever understood hate. I get it on an intellectual level. I get that people have ... Read the full article
Jacob Meeks

Jacob Meeks is an aid worker, a leader, an operations professional, a complex problem solver, a veteran, and a writer. He has been working for the past seven years as a humanitarian in a variety of different locations from South Sudan to Lebanon. These experiences have afforded him a broader cultural look at the world and also offered a great many learning opportunities. Jake hopes to learn from these opportunities, stay involved in the humanitarian world, become more involved in the veteran’s world, and eventually become a writer in film, television, or another medium.

Speaking on Behalf of The “Anxious” Generation

We, the anxious Millennials, are derided for being delusional, self-centered, and medicated. We, however, see this as an adequate avenue of tolerating the world being left to us.