Dave Eagle

And a Little Child Shall Lead Them: The Case for Donald Trump

(Image Credit: AP)
Dave Eagle is voting for Donald Trump during his state's primary despite being an avid Bernie Sanders fan. Here's why.   I like to think of myself as a sane, rational person: I generally wear clothing that’s appropriate for the day’s weather, have never suffered from delusions, and any hallucination I’ve ever had was drug-induced. But I’m about ... Read the full article
Dave Eagle

Dave Eagle is a writer, photographer, and father, but not necessarily in that order. As a self-employed freelancer plugged into a well-connected world, he’s got prose in different area codes. Apart from The Big Smoke, his work has appeared in The Atlantic, as well as many other venues that aren’t nearly as impressive. For more information, or if you’d just like to troll him, check out Dave’s website: http://postmodernstressdisorder.com.

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