Eve Connell

On Taking Up Space

Eve Connell examines personal space, a concept that some people understand, but most do not. Please read and make sure you do not fall into the latter category.   En route to my self-imposed quiet coastal writer’s retreat, I stopped at a favorite watering hole for a snack and cup of tea, and to finish reading a compelling collection of ... Read the full article
Eve Connell

Most days, Eve Connell poses as a communications consultant, managing editor (University of Hell Press), and visiting professor for various MA / MFA programs in Oregon and California. By night, she masquerades as a chanteuse, patron of the arts, and ping-pong champ. Her various works have been published, recorded, televised, and occasionally copied.

#MeToo*: What Do We Want Men to Actually Do?

The #MeToo movement has given women a voice, revealing the prevalence of sexual harassment, assault, and predation in our society and exposing its scope. Eve Connell shares her own experiences, all too relatable, and asks, what next?