Gay Mackie

Women, We Should Extend the Olive Branch Along with the Finger

I feel the reason why we women don't really see change is that we're trying to convince the wrong people. Today, I feel we need to do something bold, but necessary.   As a woman who has seen many changes, some crucial, some not much, my views about the place of women in the future are quite irrelevant. Tomorrow doesn't belong to me, yesterday does. ... Read the full article
Gay Mackie

Gay Mackie is a retired print journalist who spends her time at yoghurt, tap dancing, and asleep between the hours of 2-4pm. She'd also like to make it clear that The Big Smoke Australia Editor-in-Chief is her grandson.

#MeToo*: What Do We Want Men to Actually Do?

The #MeToo movement has given women a voice, revealing the prevalence of sexual harassment, assault, and predation in our society and exposing its scope. Eve Connell shares her own experiences, all too relatable, and asks, what next?