Anita Lester

Ultramarine Dreams: The Relevance of Art in Hurried Times

(Giovanni Battista Salvi da Sassoferrato, The Virgin in Prayer)
In times of short attention, art seems to be a passe institution. However, the more things change, the more we should covet the methods of the old masters.   I am a painter. One of the lucky ones. My day consists of evoking form, spirit, and history from simple and humble storytelling into the rhythm of color and shape on paper. I am constantly ... Read the full article
Anita Lester

After starting her journey with alt-pop trio Me and The Grownups before moving onto the moniker Lester the Fierce, Anita Lester is ready to debut her solo project. Over the past decade, Anita has become known as "The tiny church with Cathedral pipes." She describes her writing as lyrically-driven, and her music cinematically-inspired.

Learn from the Poetry of Dead Writers, Then Let Them Die

In an age where we overanalyze art (and those who created it) to death, poetry is a singular force. It is what it is and forever has value because of it.

Terrible Political Change, What Is It Good For? Well, Art, Actually

As we watch Zimbabwe tear itself apart, our extended history indicates that the worse things get, the better the art we produce becomes.