Jesse Valencia

Fire Walk with Mickey: A Conversation with Twin Peaks Actor Jeremy Lindholm

Jesse Valencia speaks with the Twin Peaks and Z Nation actor, Jeremy Lindholm, who was recently charged with second-degree attempted murder.   On August 9th, 2017, I interviewed actor Jeremy Lindholm, wherein he described working with David Lynch, Harry Dean Stanton, and some of his recent experiences with fame after performing in a ... Read the full article
Jesse Valencia

Jesse Valencia is an actor, musician, visual artist, and U.S. Army veteran living in Northeastern Arizona. His book on The Brian Jonestown Massacre is forthcoming from University of Hell Press.

Happy Birthday, You’re Dead: Bette Davis

The incomparable Bette Davis is the focus of our “Happy birthday, you’re …” treatment today. Just because someone has passed, that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate. Party?