Adam Barnard

Sex Cymbals: Appreciating the Unappreciated Genius of the Drummer

Never really noticed the drummer? Think they’re superfluous? It’s high time you brushed up on your drummers and stopped beating them up.   Since the advent of the modern drum set, spearheaded by William F. Ludwig with his patent in 1909, it has been the drummer’s sad lot to be left alone on stage after the gig packing up the drums, while the horn ... Read the full article
Adam Barnard

Adam Barnard has been a drummer/percussionist working with many bands around the Sydney scene for the last thirty-four years playing jazz, blues, rock'n'roll, country, and whatever else appeals to his imagination. He also repairs and restores drums, and he writes, sketches, and makes films. He makes a pretty passable lasagna too.

Tomayto/Tomahto: The Artistic Synergy of the Gershwins

Never has the term “include your brother” been used to greater effect than the Gershwins. George and Ira were titans together, minnows alone. Sadly, it was not to last.

The Big Smoke’s Ultimate Feels Playlist: Heartbreak, Heartache, Breakups, and Sass

Have a broken heart? Been betrayed? The Big Smoke counts down the 21 best songs to help heal a broken heart whatever stage you are at. (No Taylor Swift or Adele here.)