Leo Daedalus

Devastatingly Original Custom Porn Scenarios

"All U Can Eat" by David LaChapelle
"Bespoke porn" is the latest craze: dream up a porn fantasy and pay professionals to film it. Leo Daedalus tried to come up with some that have not already been done. It's harder than you think. Because, Rule 34.  
“Customs – bespoke porn – is a new growth industry in the Valley. In houses all around us, teams of professional porn-makers ... Read the full article
Leo Daedalus

Leo Daedalus is a writer, performer, producer, and creative director. He hosted and produced Portland, Oregon’s live avant-variety-talkshow The Late Now (2012–16). Currently he is developing a web series, rediscovering the joys of writing things other than shows, and reacquainting himself with diurnal living. Yet somehow he still finds time each day to pause and reel from how great America is again.