Alyson Austin

What I Learnt as an Intern: Alyson Austin

The Big Smoke speaks to Alyson Austin about her journey from intern to her current role, from the perks to her biggest challenge. 

How did you get the role as an intern?

I happened to be in the right place at the right time. I was on summer break, visited a family member at a big financial company—they were looking for a temp to answer phones. I told them I could do it—and at 16 I was working on Wall Street!

Biggest challenge as an intern?

Striking a balance between grunt work and growth. I knew I was there to answer phones, do filing, etc. and I did that with the utmost care to prove that I can take on more. It was tough to prove that at 16 I had the work ethic to be taken seriously.

Biggest perk as an intern?

I got paid well (better than all my friends) and was able to network with business executives before entering college. I was able to bend their ear about what I should focus on in college—and it paid off!

How did being an intern help you get where you are today?

16 years later I am very successful in this male-dominated industry. Working on Wall Street so young, with drive, truly gave me a step up over my peers.

What advice would you give someone starting their first internship?

Don’t go in thinking you are going to change the world … but know, your world will change. Be open, willing to roll up your sleeves, and use each experience as a lesson to build your career on.


Alyson Austin

Alyson Austin has over 15 years of experience in financial services.. With experience on both the corporate and retail sides of the industry, she quickly discovered that she loved working directly with clients. Her diverse experience, including positions with Wells Fargo Advisors and Merrill Lynch, has taught her that the key to building positive relationships with those she serves is exceptional service. As Maclendon's practice manager, Alyson strives to ensure that members' administrative and operational needs are handled accurately, quickly and with a personal touch. With a passion for delivering excellence and making a difference in clients' lives, she is responsible for ensuring that Maclendon delivers on its high touch client service model. She also manages the recruiting process for new financial advisors, improves and drives the business planning process of the firm, and maintains oversight of daily transaction activity within the firm, ensuring that compliance and regulatory requirements are met. Alyson earned an MBA with a concentration in marketing from John Carroll University in Cleveland, Ohio, and a BBA in business economics and marketing from Pace University. She is a member of Alpha Sigma Nu Honor Society and Beta Gamma Sigma International Honor Society. She is also a volunteer "big sister" with Big Brothers/Big Sisters. Alyson and her husband Jason, a U.S. Army Captain, live in Delray Beach and enjoy spending time with their family and exploring new places together. Whether it be riding a Harley across Ohio or riding the roller coasters in Orlando, they are not letting grass grow under their feet.

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