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The ‘Weak’ in Politics: Election Wrap-Up November 10th

The ‘Weak’ in Politics as seen by Alexandra Tselios

Things got a bit personal this week, and gross. With Michelle Collins, a host from ABC’s The View relaying her opinion on the last GOP debate referencing Carly Fiorina’s “demented halloween mask” face. It wasn’t a particularly clever insult but I actually agreed with Joy Behar who said, “I don’t understand why any politician is exempt from my comedic jokes – I don’t get that.” Carly understandably was upset and went to Facebook, and other media, slamming the women for their insults with many criticising the hosts for the comments. While I do think the comment was milked in Fiorina’s favour by her team, (as pointed out by Whoopi Goldberg), I think she ultimately won the face-off with the women of The View especially when Paula Faris said, “I know you used the unfortunate situation with Donald Trump to your benefit… You’re using the feud with The View as part of a fund-raising campaign. You’re clearly trying to make lemonade out of lemons.” To which Carly responded, “Oh, so you’re telling me you’re lemons?” If this was a rap battle, that is the moment Fiorina would have dropped the mike, and the audience goes “Ooooooh”.

When it comes to the story of Ronald Sanchez being spat on by a Trump supporter at a recent rally in Virginia, I was horrified that any adult would spit at another human being. However, I don’t entirely buy the “Ronald Sanchez was terrified about entering a Donald Trump rally” as claimed by Business Insider where Ronald discusses the terrible incident. No one should spit on anyone, it’s disgusting, but I am not sure how terrified you can be at entering a rally when you choose to wear a “TRUMP – F*ck that Puto” shirt. I mean, if that’s what you wear when you are terrified, I don’t want to know what you would wear if you were feeling brazen. I am similarly disgusted by the chants including, “Go back to Mexico. You shouldn’t be here. This is our country.”

Winner of the week seemed to be Rachel Maddow, who hosted the Democratic Candidates forum. Her interviews were declared by many on social media as being far more impactful than any of the GOP and Democratic debates, so far. Bernie Sanders in particular had a few moments of comedic glory asking her, “Am I really Larry David?” and charming the audience by saying his dream job was to be president of CNN or NBC.

Quick mention of Dr. Ben Carson’s campaign this week, which felt like a confusing roller coaster at times. I actually really want to like him, but he keeps saying stupid things and now is even offering supporters “Stop the Liberal Media” stickers if they donate $5 or more. Controversy working in Carson’s favour though this week included a feud between Politico and Carson around the West Point Scholarship claims and stories about his “youth”. Since then, Carson supporters and other media outlets have claimed the “scoop” by Politico is flawed and Politico has even backtracked a bit. All this means to me is that Ben Carson campaigners are probably posting a lot of stickers at the moment, whilst enjoying Paypal notifications.

The ‘Weak’ in Politics as seen by Roger Pugh

Heard in a Catholic Seminary
“Are you praying for Carson rather than Trump?”

“I’m still trying to decide which is the greater evil, a Seventh Day Adventist or the Devil.”

Heard at Trump’s campaign HQ
“What do you think are the chances of Hillary dropping out of the race before the primaries?”

“About the same as Santa dropping out before Christmas.”

Heard at Marco Rubio’s campaign HQ
“Why do you believe Jeb still thinks he can win?”

“Because his family’s set a president.”

Heard at a Republican fundraiser
“I think Trump’s best chance of winning is to start looking more like a polished politician.”

“But how is looking like Lindsey Graham going to help?”

Heard in a 7th Avenue diner
“Trump reckons that at sixty-seven Hillary’s past it.”

“If he was referring to the Miss Universe Pageant it’s hard to argue.”


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