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Dr. Carson or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Nut Job.

Grab your popcorn and enjoy the political “theater” while it lasts, but if this dramedy continues through March 2016, Jeff Reese says everyone should start to worry.


It seems like every day there’s a new amazingly uneducated statement brought forward from Dr. Ben Carson, one day it’s an old speech where he espouses his theory that the pyramids are grain storage and not burial shrines. Never mind that they found mummies and treasure in the chambers. That hieroglyphs which we’ve successfully translated SPELL OUT WHY THEY BUILT THE PYRAMIDS. Ben believes what he believes and that is that.

For those of us who aren’t part of the homeschooling trend in America, Ben Carson was an unknown quantity. He is, however, a darling of the evangelical homeschooling movement. A movement that prides itself in ignorance of science and its placement of biblical text above any scholarly pursuits, one that sees evolution as a trick played by the devil to deceive and that, in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary, believes that man is incapable of affecting climate change. That also believes the earth is 6,000 years old, in spite of solid science.

These ideas coming out and being held up to the light of scrutiny is a good thing. We cannot sit idly by and let a portion of our future be indoctrinated into the idea that faith trumps science. In the modern economy, we will be required to innovate and adapt to a changing world suffering the consequences of a hundred years of fossil fuel-driven growth. If we can’t agree on the most basic of fundamentals on this topic we are doomed. You cannot come up with a new carbon sequestration idea, for example, if you don’t believe the basic tenet that carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas capable of causing a climate catastrophe.

By far the largest voting bloc in the United States is the apathetic. People are disengaged from national and international politics because day-to-day life takes precedence. Occasionally something comes along and forces the apathetic to pay attention. Maybe Dr. Ben and his willingness to spout theories that can be disproven by almost any fifth grader will jolt the populace into figuring out that almost a third of their fellow Americans are so willfully ignorant, and that they take pride in limiting their children’s ability to think rationally and logically so they may be indoctrinated.

Maybe we’ll understand the value of funding our public schools and give our educators the support needed to battle ignorance with the only tool we have at our disposal, education.

Before we get too carried away with these outsider frontrunners coming from the right, we need to remember that, at best, they only have the support of about a quarter of those who are at the moment engaged and identify as Republican. If we’re being generous, then they likely represent fewer than ten percent of our fellow Americans, so, at the moment, it feels somewhat safe to watch the political theater and this tragic comedy we call U.S. primary politics. If they’re still players in February and March, then it may be time to stop laughing and worry about the eventual outcome. Until then, I’m going to blissfully ignore their actions and go on with life.

I’m still looking at property in Puerto Vallarta though, just to be safe.


Jeff Reese

Jeff Reese is a blue-collar socialist living in Colorado. He’s worked his adult life in the automotive industry fixing, as he puts it, “broken shit.” And he loves fly-fishing.

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