Roger Pugh

Letter to America: Dynastically Unenthusiastic

Australian Roger Pugh is worried that presidential dynasties in the U.S. could lead to someone like Chelsea Clinton or Prince Charles becoming president.


Dear Americans,

I hope you don’t mind me mentioning it, but Australians have a bit of trouble comprehending your tolerance of presidential dynasties. We’ve had five prime ministers in five years and couldn’t wait to see the back of them. The very last thing we’d want to risk is another dose of the same from one of their relatives.

Yet despite eight long years of suffering under both George W and Bill Clinton, we can’t believe you’re even toying with the idea of either Jeb or Hillary.

One of Hillary’s main claims to the presidency is that, more than any other candidate, she knows her way around the White House. But surely it’s time to ask whether that’s really enough. On the other hand, she might hold a deep inner conviction that she’s less likely to be impeached than Bill. At least if she gets back into the White House she’ll prevent a Lewinsky dynasty by not re-engaging Monica.

But have you considered the disturbing possibility that Chelsea could even now be warming up in a presidential bullpen?

The prospect of prolonging the Bush dynasty is causing as much circumspection in Australia as it seems to be up there. Following a double dose of Bush presidency, it’s only logical to us that you might prefer to start smelling the roses rather than risk being Bush-whacked a third time.

George W’s dad recently opined that he was overly influenced by Cheney and Rumsfeld. Perhaps Jeb was overly influenced by his dad and brother about standing for president when he should have listened to his mother.

Jeb may have the potential to become the greatest-ever U.S. President, but his chances of snagging the job appear upended by his threat to create the country’s most depressing ever presidential dynasty.

When it comes to electing the leader of any country, perhaps the devil you don’t know is better than the dynasty you know only too well.

Things could be worse. You are fortunate indeed that these presidential elections don’t threaten you with a Ford or a Nixon dynasty. And please remember the future prospect of a Trump dynasty has to be avoided at all costs.

Hope you had a wonderful family Thanksgiving.

Roger Pugh


Roger Pugh

Following a career that comprised heading up global marketing departments and advertising agencies Roger made a seachange to his hobby of humorous writing by co-founding Political Satire site, Friday Mash. Roger is now the Native Content Director, heading up The Big Smoke’s Creative team and a regular political columnist in both Australian and USA editions of The Big Smoke.

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