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The “Weak” in Politics: #USElections Wrap-Up January 11th 2016

The “Weak” in U.S. Politics: The word to describe the past week in U.S. politics is “demeaning” … from Hillary Clinton’s health claims to Ben Carson dealing with kids.


The “Weak” in Politics as seen by Alexandra Tselios

If any Republican candidate was going to be busted for humiliating a fifth-grader, I would have put my money on Trump and MAYBE Fiorina, yet here we are with reports that Dr. Ben Carson humiliated elementary school students in Iowa. Who would have thought that asking kids to literally point out the dumbest person in your class would maybe be a bad idea, requiring some kind of emotional intelligence that said, Hang on, not only would I get bad press for this, but gosh golly it could actually contribute to school yard bullying. Normally I can brush off a joke and would be the first person to defend a glib comment that is taken seriously by social media, but kids can’t discern a facetious presidential wannabe. I am no longer convinced that Carson will “fight to the very end” of the campaign, and I wonder what Sunday School was like for Carson as a fifth-grader, you know, pointing dummies out between scripture readings could be overwhelming.

Talking about overwhelming, it’s bad enough to have every aspect of your marriage picked apart plus your private emails, but when people start discussing why you are “sweaty” during a debate, that’s awkward. Breitbart reported recently that Dr. Drew is warning of a possible pulmonary embolism. The health of any presidential candidate has always been a point of debate in every election, with notable discussions being around whether or not Ronald Reagan had Alzheimer’s during his tenure as President, however this focus on Hillary seems to have intensified recently with Trump weighing in, “I noticed that Hillary will do one event and then you don’t see her for a week.”

Meanwhile, the stories circulated that a Muslim woman was kicked out of a Donald Trump rally in South Carolina after standing up during the rally while Trump discussed Syrian refugees igniting debate on social media. CNN said the crowd at the Trump rally turned on her as she was escorted out while her T-shirt stated “Salam, I come in Peace.” The council of American-Islamic relations has since demanded that Trump issue an apology for the woman being removed from the rally while we all have flashbacks of the incident at the Trump rally with a supporter spitting in the face of a Latino protester. When Trump discusses the “hatred,” he is right, the hatred is palpable, I just think he is a bit confused about it being one-sided.


The “Weak” in Politics as seen by Roger Pugh

Heard at a Bernie Sanders Campaign Rally
“Aren’t you worried that Bernie is a bit of an old fossil?”

“Not really, I’m intending to vote for him rather than use him as fuel.”

Heard at Republican Party HQ
“Why do you think that people are reluctant to embrace another Bush Presidency?”

“They’re mindful of the definition of madness as persisting with doing the same thing yet expecting a different result.”

Heard at a Democratic Fundraiser
“Why do you want a liar like Hillary to become President?”

“Because I don’t want to know the truth about the ghastly mess Obama is going to leave the country in.”

Heard at a Hillary Campaign Rally
“Do you think that Trump could possibly plumb even greater depths of bad taste?”

“Oh yes, he could build a Monica Lewinsky Memorial outside the White House.”

Heard at a Trump Campaign Rally
“I see Obama says he’s going to devote the last year of his Presidency to gun control.”

“The problem is he’s talking about America rather than the Islamic State.”


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