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The “Weak” in Politics: #USElections Wrap-Up January 19th 2016

The “Weak” in U.S. Politics: The campaign videos and viral snippets that are coming out of the U.S. this past week could be described in one word—disturbing! 


The “Weak” in Politics as seen by Alexandra Tselios

The most recent Democratic Debate over the weekend saw Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders go head-to-head over gun control and, in particular, Wall Street. CNN noted that Sanders was far more prepared to take Clinton on than he seemed in previous debates, signalling a fierceness many Sanders supporters have been waiting to see.

Meanwhile, Peter Schweizer wrote on Breitbart the five questions that never seem to be asked of Clinton during a debate. Ranging from the Clinton Foundation’s acceptance of donations from advisers of Marc Rich to the speaking fees tripling for Bill Clinton once Hillary was appointed Secretary of State. Questions around these issues are not new, and Bernie Sanders made a point to state, “I don’t take money from big banks, I don’t get personal speaking fees from Goldman Sachs.” During the debate, Hillary made the point to publicly acknowledge support for Obama and, in particular, the Affordable Care Act stating it was one of the greatest achievement of his presidency. Clinton is currently leading the polls at 59%, Sanders is at 34%, and O’Malley is hovering at around 2%. My advice to O’Malley? Give up, mate, and take the Lindsey Graham road ending your campaign fund bleeding.

Now, this was fun. A Trump rally is rarely informative but nearly always entertaining, whether someone is being spat on due to his “F*ck Trump” shirt (and/or ethnicity) or being escorted out due to her “Salam, I come in Peace” shirt—there is always something happening. Usually, it does add something to political discourse and is worth unpacking, but other times it’s just creepy. You no doubt by now have seen the video of the Freedom Kids performing a C-grade version of “It’s a Small World (After All)” (with bombs—Hey! Ho!). It was even called The Official Donald Trump Jam, which gave me Paula Abdul and hyper-color T-shirt flashbacks.

Honorary mention: Randy Rainbow hilariously injecting himself into the Donald Trump Jam with some zingers like “Freedom for everyone everywhere (except for Muslims)” and “Donald Trump once said he would f*ck his own daughter, if she wasn’t his daughter … obviously … does that sound like a man who hates women?

But the Freedom Kids performing the Trump Jam pale in comparison when you consider the most recent campaign video for Ted Cruz. (Yesterday, Trump criticized it during a Tea Party speech and was booed!) The video opens with Phil Robertson, looking all commander-like ready to go duck hunting and announcing that he will vote for Ted Cruz because “he’s one of us.” Then they start shooting ducks together. Because, #America. Word of advice for Ted Cruz, if you really want to impress us with your voters and endorsements, maybe choose someone who I wouldn’t worry would give me lice if I sit too close to him on the subway. The video mastery was paid for by Ted Cruz, of course.


The “Weak” in Politics as seen by Roger Pugh

Heard in a Fifth Avenue Bar
“How will Trump prevail upon Mexico to pay for the wall?”

“By convincing them it will prevent an exodus of Muslims into Mexico when he becomes President.”

Heard at Democratic Party HQ
“Why is Bill claiming that Hillary is the best prepared candidate ever for the White House?”

“Because she’s the only one who knows whether the toilets leak.”

Heard at the White House
“What’s Trump’s theory on why they want to ban him from the UK?”

“The Queen can’t handle the competition.”

Heard in the Cafe at Tiffany’s
“Obama’s is never going to get anywhere trying to ban guns.”

“I can’t for the life of me understand why he doesn’t circumvent the Second Amendment by banning bullets.”

Heard in a Chicago Pub
“In the next Presidential election, do you think El Chapo will stand as a Republican or a Democrat?”

“A Democrat because the Republicans could never get away with the Trump thing a second time.”

Heard at the Republican Party HQ
“I think it’s so misguided of people to raise doubts about Hillary’s health.”

“I know, questioning her sanity would be far more credible.”


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