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The “Weak” in Politics: #USElections Wrap-Up January 31st 2016

The “Weak” in U.S. Politics: Did it matter that Trump didn’t turn up to the GOP debate? Or that 22 of the most recent batch of emails released from Clinton’s server are considered “top secret”?


The “Weak” in Politics as seen by Alexandra Tselios

When I was in high school, a girl I knew was upset about something insignificant, and as a form of punishment to everyone she refused to come to the movies with us one afternoon. No one cared, we saw Titanic for the 15th time and moved on with our lives.

Donald Trump pulled a similar stunt recently and attempted to deprive Fox News of his presence in the most recent GOP debate. The ratings, however, didn’t dip that badly with some indicating that, despite recent media reports, this campaign is more than just about Trump controversy. I look at it slightly differently though, with the belief that the 12.5 million viewers were likely also hoping to see some of the candidates (I am looking at you Ted Cruz) come out swinging even harder against Trump without him there. However, despite Trump constantly calling out Megyn Kelly for being totally biased and the reason he didn’t turn up, she didn’t disappoint and gave the other candidates a hard time, Trump or no Trump, including a video montage highlighting the inconsistencies of Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz over Immigration policies. Jeb Bush coolly admitted he himself has changed his views over the citizenship issue, diffusing Rubio when he tried to call him out on it.

I think it’s fair to say there are very few candidates on either side of this race that haven’t been inconsistent in some capacity, or changed their stance on serious issues over the years. Rather than this being a bad thing, I actually see it as indicative of a leader that listens (depending on how/why they’ve changed stance), because what kind of person has the same opinions or stance on issues at 30 years of age as they do at 40 years of age?

Actually, one of my favorite moments of this entire race so far was when Trump used the opportunity when being asked about the bible to plug his own book. So, I fully appreciated it when Jeb Bush plugged his own book, tongue firmly in cheek, the other night and said, “You can get it at $2.99 on Amazon, it’s not a bestseller, I can promise you.”

But you don’t need to have debate withdrawals for too long with Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders agreeing this week that they would potentially do four more debates between now and the primaries. Hillary probably needs the distraction considering that new emails have been released with 22 of them considered as top secret. Everyone wants to know what is in those emails and why it is considered the most “responsible” thing to do by withholding them. Side note, this is the first time it has been publicly acknowledged some of the content in the emails is top secret with doubts over Clinton’s discernment considering the content should never have been discussed over email.

Trump, of course, came out tweeting that Clinton is a national security risk, but Bernie Sanders didn’t move too far away from his “everyone is sick of hearing about your damn emails” stance by saying that the legal process should not be politicized. Although he did get his sass on by releasing a statement recently that the only reason Clinton even agreed to more debates is because the dynamics of the race have changed and Sanders has “significant” momentum.


The “Weak” in Politics as seen by Roger Pugh

Heard at Democratic Party HQ
“What do you think Palin can do for Trump?”
“The same as she did for McCain.

Heard at Republican Party HQ
“Hillary is claiming she can unite the whole country.”
“It won’t be easy because there are a few people who still trust her.”

Heard in a Washington Bar
“You look as though you need a drink.”
“Well, since I found out that Bill Murray isn’t a candidate for President, I’ve lost all hope.”

I Want to Be Absolutely Clear About This
If Bernie gets rid of Wall Street, will Trump acquire it to become part of his development along the Southern Border?

Heard at a Ladies Lunch in LA
“Are you going to vote for Hillary?”
“Not until I’ve seen her reference from the FBI.”

Heard in Congress
“If Obama had been allowed a third term, what impact do you believe it would have had on his legacy?”
“He’d have become indistinguishable from Bernie Sanders.”


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