Kate Turner

The Blurst of Reddit, Starring Bean-Claude Van Damme

Reddit addict Kate Turner plunged the depths of procrastination and yields her selection of the strangest things Reddit has to offer.


A U.S. Army doctor returns an arm to Vietnamese soldier fifty years after he took it as a souvenir.

After coming across this crazy pic, I had to look up the story behind it. Turns out that Mr. Hung was stunned that someone had kept his bones for so long, but is now happy that his arm can now be buried with him. Dr. Sam Axelrad’s colleagues boiled away the flesh and reconstructed the bones as a souvenir all the way back in 1966. Flash forward to 47 years later when Axelrad flew to Vietnam to regift Mr. Hung’s arm. Well, isn’t that lovely? I have a weak stomach, so forgive me if I’m being judgmental, but why would anyone boil and fillet a body-less arm to give as a souvenir?


The drama of being a kid.

Remember being a kid and not understanding why you weren’t allowed to touch the stove’s hotplate, so you’d just cry and chuck a tantrum? Remember fighting with your siblings in the most immature way possible? Take for instance, myself and my brother Scott. I would stare at the ceiling above his head; even if he moved around I’d follow my gaze to that spot. I did this for as long as it took to drive him bananas! In revenge, he would comb his eyebrows to the opposite way of its growth direction just to piss me off. I mean, what kind of evil mind game was he playing? It didn’t matter that I had mild OCD, that shit was fucked up!

Anyway, kids are funny, as Reddit manages to show us with these awesome pics.


This amazing, genius food-eating machine shows you how to eat!

If you’re pushed for time but still prefer to personally handle your food, then look no further. After digesting this gif, it makes you question … why do I waste my time putting food together in small steps when I can shove it in my mouth and put it all together at the same time? I’m such a fool!

If you play in this guy’s league, you’ll have dinner down to a fine art.

Thank you, food machine. Whoever you are.


What happens when a dog drinks water?

No, it’s not a lame joke with the punchline being “they stop panting.” It’s a marvelously done slow-mo gif of an Alsatian drinking. I won’t spoil it, but it’s interesting af.

Look at this! It’s like a fleshy shovel!


The oddly satisfying freight train loop.

Maybe it’s just me, but to see this train travelling, winding through the landscape over and around itself, I dunno. Just makes the me feel like everything is going to be okay, you know?

I’ll be back again next Friday with more, when our brains are already at home and throwing back a cold one.

Until then, I’ll leave you with Bean-Claude Van Damme:

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