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The Best (Messed-Up) Films to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

If you’re at all like us at The Big Smoke, you have a love/hate relationship with Valentine’s Day. We put together our favorite films’ favorite scenes—from twisted romance to just plain murder—to celebrate the most romantic (and expensive) day of the year!


1. Have you ever met the love of your life but then they pretended you don’t exist? Um, no, we are not going to be ignored. “You changed your number? I am not going to be ignored … I know you feel it too, what are you so afraid of … go ahead, hit me.” It’s the most embarrassing scene of desperation ever! (Best!)


2. This is pretty confusing—Chucky confessing his undying love … we think that dolls are creepy as it is, so these films were already unsettling, but this scene really was a whole can of messed-up worms. Weird fact: I watched it five times in a row. Hypnotizing.


3. Love songs really evoke all kinds of nostalgia in us, especially around Valentine’s Day. Play Misty for Me really does set off a whole bunch of feelings.


4. If there was an award for the creepies adult-child stalker it would be Esther in the thriller Orphan. Unfortunately, we can’t give away her shtick, but let’s just say Angelina Jolie may have inherited a whole new set of things to worry about …


5. The most freakiest thing in the world is the idea that someone is watching you secretly. Hillary Swank starred in a low-budget flick called The Resident where the landlord would watch her through peepholes 24/7.


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