Roger Pugh

Letter to America: Viva la Revolution

Australian Roger Pugh reviews the New Hampshire primary results and commends the U.S. for not settling on a dull race between just a Clinton and a Bush. And for also not firing guns in the process.


G’day Americans,

New Hampshire clearly confirmed that a political revolution is taking place in the U.S. and it is a great tribute to your commitment to democracy that it is taking the form of Trump and Bernie rather than an armed insurrection.

When a nation becomes as profoundly pissed off with its government as you appear to be, it has been quite customary for shooting to break out especially in nations to your South and even in your own backyard when you revolted against the British when they tried to force you to play cricket.

Come to think of it, the result of an anti-government revolution is usually a dictator like Trump. Thanks to your exemplary self-discipline you now have the possibility of achieving that outcome through purely democratic means.

In the past, someone as socialist as Bernie has only gained power through initiatives like the Long March or the Russian Revolution. Thanks to the incredible advances you have achieved as a society he now has a chance of purging Wall Street democratically.

As we understand it down here, one of the major driving forces behind the Second Amendment was protecting the population against armed aggression from the government. It’s difficult for us to understand the circumstances in which a government would start a revolution especially when it could be so damaging to their reelection prospects.

You should be proud that you live in a democracy where revolutionaries like Trump and Bernie can stand as candidates for President without recourse to violence any more damaging than personal vilification and political incorrectness.

Please remember that things could be a lot worse. You could have been content to carry on with politics as usual and be faced with the mind-numbing prospect of a Presidential race between a Clinton and a Bush.

All you have to do now is ensure you come through the revolution in better shape than used to be the case in Bolivia.

Roger Pugh


Roger Pugh

Following a career that comprised heading up global marketing departments and advertising agencies Roger made a seachange to his hobby of humorous writing by co-founding Political Satire site, Friday Mash. Roger is now the Native Content Director, heading up The Big Smoke’s Creative team and a regular political columnist in both Australian and USA editions of The Big Smoke.

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