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The School of Life Explains Schopenhauer. In Ten Minutes!

We love education without pretense at TBS, so we’ve found a series that explains the teachings of great philosophers, with none of the blergh.


Philosophy is a great tool, one that is frequently locked in the shed that we don’t have the key to and, unfortunately, the only spare belongs to that neighbor who likes to waffle. And look down his nose at you.

Which is a bitter shame. The learnings of the great thinkers should be accessible for all minds, not just those who studied them for a decade who may or may not fully grasp the intent of dead minds. Press them and they may shrink back into the fuzzy blanket of half-finished doctorates and/or rehashed truisms.

All of which helps no one.

Fortunately, those level-headed characters over at The School of Life think along our lines and have endeavored to explain great minds in a manner that makes you tilt your head and go, “Mmmmmm,” so much so that our pseudo-egghead editor now understands the concept of those books he bought once.

This week’s video explains the keen, albeit pessimistic brain of Arthur Schopenhauer, who crucially espoused the concept of the importance of suffering in our everyday lives.

Happy hangovers.


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