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All Hail Our Spirit Animal, the Grumpy Flossie Dickey

Blergh. Is it Friday yet? We’ve found a person who shares our collective feels—the grumpy, anti-birthday girl, our hero, Flossie Dickey.


Sometimes at The Big Smoke, we get grumpy. Sometimes, we prefer a nap over contact with others. And sometimes, we just run out of fucks to give. This is something we share with the 110-year-old Flossie Dickey who, during a television interview this week, was tired, over it, and, frankly, right-fucking-on.

When asked if she was excited about her birthday party, she curtly planted, “Not one bit,” before tacitly displaying her desire to just have another nap.


The reporter also asked her, “Flossie, the people on TV want to know what the secret is to being able to live so long?” With dull Eastwoodian eyes, Flossie loosed the zen-bomb of, “I don’t know. I don’t fight it, I live it.” So I guess the answer to living a long life is not caring if it continues?

Watch the brilliant Flossie Dickey interview here:


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