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The “Weak” in U.S. Politics: March 6th 2016

The “Weak” in U.S. Politics: Super Tuesday, Carson drops out, Mitt Romney versus Trump, Caitlyn Jenner supports Cruz(?), and Clinton versus Sanders still neck and neck.


The “Weak” in Politics as seen by Alexandra Tselios

The land of freedom and opportunity has seen some interesting results in the past week. While Super Tuesday gave both Trump and Clinton huge wins, some Americans lost out. Two wannabe voters in particular, school teacher Josh Hamilton and his wife, were turned away and told they can’t vote due to their recent county move (“county” … not “country” … yes) raising the question around true democracy and highlighting that even America’s 578,424+ homeless can’t have their say in one of the most crucial Presidential races we have seen in decades.

Personally, I have been waiting so long for Dr. Ben Carson to suck it up and suspend his campaign. He even announced after Super Tuesday he wouldn’t participate in the next GOP debate resulting in rumors that he was ready to go. Finally, this weekend he announced he is dropping out of the race. Carson said, “You know, there are a lot of people who love me, they just won’t vote for me. But it’s okay.” Awkward.

Speaking of awkward, I am absolutely dying for the tension between Mitt Romney and Donald Trump right now. Mitt Romney, one of the top Republicans over the past 10 years, came out with an epic and awesome scathing speech this week calling Trump a “con man and a fake.” Mitt then went on to say my favorite line full of sass, “Here is what I know … his promises are as worthless as a degree from Trump University.” (Interestingly, 25% of Trump University students have demanded a refund).

It was surely weird when Chris Christie came out to endorse Trump, but even weirder is Caitlyn Jenner coming out in support of Ted Cruz. This of course has resulted in a backlash from the LGBT community with many appalled Caitlyn is supporting a conservative who clearly does not believe she has the same human rights as he has, with ThinkProgress Editor saying she has “tainted her credibility.” I didn’t know she had any credibility when it came to politics in the first place. Last I heard, she was even struggling to find validity in the marriage equality movement. Seems pretty “Cruz Conservative” to me. As far as I am concerned, Caitlyn Jenner’s value to the transgender community is limited to providing mainstream exposure about her transformation. Her understanding of the complexities of Americans struggling with gender identity issues is masked by her ability to “hide out” in a mansion, find applause on the cover of a top-tier publisher, and quickly win awards for bravery; all luxuries that many she is “representing” can’t afford as they battle on. I feel like many of those struggling in the LGBT community would find the whole process far less daunting if Barbara Walters were sitting next to you …

While Hillary Clinton looked primed to take out the Democratic nomination for a while there (she just won Louisiana), polls are suggesting Sanders could win Maine (he just won Kansas and Nebraska). It still feels very much neck and neck, but Killer Mike, a high profile supporter of Sanders, gave a powerful speech highlighting the difference between how Clinton and Sanders have dealt with Black Lives Matter protesters, saying Sanders is the only person he would have the conscience to vote for.

Could Bernie Sanders end up in the Ben Carson boat where many love him but ultimately don’t vote for him?


The “Weak” in Politics as seen by Roger Pugh

Heard in a Beverly Hills Hairdressing Salon
“The most engaging thing about Trump and Cruz is the intensity with which they hate each other.”
“I know, those are the only opinions I’ve heard in the primary campaigns so far that I’ve wholeheartedly agreed with.”

Heard in Congress
“I see Trump is very keen on space exploration.”
“That’s because it’s his only chance of meeting someone who’s as off the planet as he is.”

Heard at Democratic Party HQ
“I take it, Bill, that you will be voting for Hillary.”
“Oh certainly, I’m pretty sure she’s the only woman I know who is standing for President.”

Heard at Republican Party HQ
“I can’t believe Chris Christie’s come out in support of Trump.”
“Well, don’t laugh, the way things are going that’s the terrible fate that could await all of us.”

Heard at an Ambassadors’ Cocktail Party
“Would you say Hillary’s got sex appeal?”
“Only if I’m being diplomatic.”

Heard at Trump’s Campaign HQ
“Could Edward Snowden be a factor in the Presidential campaign?”
“Only if he was found to have leaked a top secret email he’d received from Hillary’s private account.”




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