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The “Weak” in U.S. Politics: March 13th 2016

The “Weak” in U.S. Politics: Hillary Clinton gaffe about Nancy Reagan, Melania Trump on Mexicans, Donald Trump Chicago rally cancelled, and flashbacks of Goldwater.


The “Weak” in Politics as seen by Alexandra Tselios

This was not such a great week for Hillary Clinton as she was reminded of how easy it is to get called out on social media when a story becomes inconsistent. Following the death of Nancy Reagan, Hillary showed her ability to have a loose relationship with the truth when discussing some kind of “very effective, low-key advocacy” by Nancy that contradicted the reality of how the Reagans’ had been so deafeningly silent on the matter of HIV/AIDS in the ’80s. So much so, that Clinton tweeted an apology claiming she had “misspoke.” Social media quickly jumped on this with some saying you “misspoke” is not an apology and others applauding Clinton on being one of the few candidates to publicly clarify a statement that caused outrage.

Speaking of public clarifications, I remember that one time Melania Trump tried to clarify her husband’s statements about Mexicans. Melania tried to explain that Donald was simply talking about illegal immigrants only, those who did not follow the law and who thought it was okay to come into the country without papers. I had to watch that video again to remember what she actually said, because the only lasting impact she ever has on me is how perfect her teeth are and how her elocution lessons are pretty much paying for themselves at this point.

Teeth almost became imperfect for some Trump protesters resulting in his scheduled Chicago rally being called off just days after Dr. Ben Carson came out to publicly endorse Trump. Trump commented on the protesters calling them out as Bernie Sanders fans (to be fair, some protesters were chanting Bernie’s name). Bernie quickly jumped to the defense of his supporters saying that they should not be blamed for the cancellation of the rally and instead turned it back onto Trump: “I don’t think our supporters are inciting. What our supporters are doing is responding to a candidate who has, in fact, in many ways, encouraged violence. When he talks about … ‘I wish we were in the old days when you could punch somebody in the head.’ What do you think that says to his supporters?”

Carly Fiorina today released a video saying that “while it is clear protesters were seeking to disrupt the rally, it is also clear that tone is set by the top” cementing her endorsement for Ted Cruz (who I find scarier than Trump, by the way). Carly reiterated that Trump does not represent her as a Republican or the party in general. Flashback to the time in 1964 when the “Confessions of a Republican” ad circulated about Barry Goldwater. The video states that Goldwater was not a fair representation of Republicans and that it should be less about party unity; with the video ending with the announcement, “Vote for President Johnson on November 3, the stakes are too high for you to stay home.” I recently said that this is the first time I can remember that a party has turned on its own candidate so early on, yet I stand corrected. Trump is just the rich man’s Goldwater.

Déjà vu? Or simply vindication of Liza Minelli’s “And the World Goes ’Round?”


The “Weak” in Politics as seen by Roger Pugh

Heard in Church
“Now that Carson has dropped out, God’s only remaining hope is Cruz.”
“But the Devil’s on a winner with Trump.”

Heard at Democratic Party HQ
“Do you think that Mitt would vote for Hillary before Trump?”
“I think he’d even vote for Monica Lewinsky before Trump.”

Heard in Congress
“If Trump becomes President, what will become of the Republican Party?”
“They’ll be reduced to running Third Party candidates.”

Heard in a New Jersey Bar
“Could Chris Christie suffer damage from backing Trump?”
“Certainly, especially if he fell off his Wall.”

Heard in a Retirement Home
“What would be the general reaction if Bernie became President?”
“It would be seen as another example of the aging population becoming a burden on the nation.”

Heard at Hillary’s Campaign HQ
“Will Rubio rise again this Easter?”
“No, I don’t think Trump will finish crucifying him in time.”




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