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The “Weak” in U.S. Politics: March 28th 2016

The “Weak” in U.S. Politics: Does having affairs negate your ability to lead a country? And what turns a man (who had been compared to a child molester by his political opponent) into a supporter?


The “Weak” in Politics as seen by Alexandra Tselios

The latest episode of “Real Housewives of Capitol Hill” involved a scandalous feud between Ted Cruz and Donald Trump about their wives, plus Cruz’s infidelity. It got nasty, it was meanspirited, unnecessary, and ultimately sandbox politics with Trump even mocking Heidi Cruz’s face but Ted saying that Trump is just scared.

I know that a happy marriage is really important during election time, but does anyone really believe in the perfect marriage anymore? Not that we condone affairs, they are damaging to families, et al. BUT, if one commits them, does that indicate an inability to lead a country? I am not entirely sure I am convinced that some men haven’t fulfilled their leadership potential all because they had to resign from a political post due to their personal relationships. Regardless of your moral standpoint on the value of marriage, I doubt you would care if the CEO of your company had affairs with five people as long as your company was sustainable and your paycheck came in each week, right?

This whole fiasco, which I realize Trump denies involvement in, does go pretty hand in hand with his general tactics and accordingly some Trump supporters themselves are becoming unsure of the man they wanted to see as President. It is now so far into the campaign that it’s time to make an educated decision about who you endorse, which ex-Presidential hopeful Dr. Ben Carson recently found out. When Whoopi Goldberg interviewed Ben on The View, she asked why he endorsed Trump, which caused Ben to discuss the frustrations around the Republican Establishment not supporting those who cannot be controlled. Not a good enough answer, with Whoopi launching into asking Ben why he supports a man who “has bashed women, made countless racist remarks, and you’re Ben Carson, why would you align yourself with that?” before reminding Carson that “in the ’70s [Trump] had to settle with the Justice Department around not allowing black tenants into his properties.” Dr. Ben Carson handled himself well, he was calm, he had an answer for everything and I am not entirely sure why he would put himself in a position where he had to publicly defend both Trump and his family. The video is worth seeing if for no other reason than getting a PR-approved glimpse into what turns a man (who had been “compared to a child molester” by his political opponent) into a supporter. Ultimately, Whoopi said, “You’re Ben Carson, you are so much better than this!”

Meanwhile Hillary Clinton continues to lead the Democrats with Financial Times publishing a “Hillary Clinton’s looming presidency” piece noting that 56% of Americans disapprove of Clinton and that while no one has ever made it to the White House with negative trust numbers, it could be a favorable outcome for Clinton if her opponent turns out to be Donald Trump. CNN also published a piece suggesting that Sanders’ campaign wins and success in the primaries may work in Clinton’s favor. For example, Sanders refusing to go for low-blows against Clinton (higher quality debates) and the huge number of Bernie supporters impacting the race ultimately caused the Clinton campaign to run a much tighter and more controlled ship than it had before Sanders proved to be a real contender.

This week we also saw John Kasich stubbornly refuses to bow out, while Ted Cruz lost to Trump in the Louisiana primary by 3.6% but the almost draw and potential for Cruz to win more delegates has resulted in Trump threatening to sue. My favorite tweet of the week therefore comes from Republican politician Ron Nehring.

I can’t do the “Weak” in U.S. politics without mentioning my favorite YouTube clip of the week, I don’t need to talk about but I will just put this down right here for you to pick up:


The “Weak” in Politics as seen by Roger Pugh

Heard at Hillary’s Campaign HQ
“What’s Hillary doing tomorrow?”
“She’s presenting bravery awards to her supporters who have been ejected from Trump rallies.”

Heard in Congress
“Why is Obama visiting Cuba?”
“He’s trying to dissuade Cubans from coming to the U.S., especially families like the Rubios and the Cruzes”

Heard at Democratic Party HQ
“Do you think Trump would pick someone from the Republican establishment as his running mate?”
“No, I rather think he would pick someone from his own party.”

Heard at Hillary’s Campaign HQ
“Why do you think Bernie is so determined to stay in the race right up to the Convention?”
“He’s 74 and this is the first time in his life anyone has shown any interest in him.”

Heard at the Republican Party HQ
“Do you think there’s a fart’s chance in a deodorizer that Trump will get shafted at the Convention?”
“There’s a helluva smell in here.”

Heard in a 5th Avenue Coffee Shop
“Trump’s a bigot and a racist, Hillary’s a liar, Cruz is a dirty trickster, and Bernie’s barking. What’s the matter with Kasich?”
“Nothing, it’s just that unlike the others he doesn’t have what it takes to be President.”




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  1. Elizabeth said:

    Good point Alexandra. I always wondered whether the perfect American family exists and after seeing my christian humble pie parents go through 3 divorces each and countless affairs I can attest that the picture perfect frame on the whitehouse mantle amounts to nothing.