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The Blurst of Reddit: Pranks, Terrible Food, and the Lord’s Plan

Another Friday is upon us. Here’s some garbage from Reddit to speed the clock, featuring inedible processed food!



While April Fool’s has come and gone, it doesn’t mean pranks are off the table. Well, unless you’re the target of said pranks.

I grew up with two brothers, so praying for adoption is nothing new to me. I still plan to wreak my revenge on them … one day.

Anyway, pranks can be great, who doesn’t love laughing at other people’s planned misfortune?

Like the infamous plastic wrap over the toilet seat, wait for nighttime, and you, the prankster, can just lay in bed waiting to hear the screams.

Like when your friends blindfold you to play the food taste test game and you end up eating dog treats that secretly you think taste alright.

As Reddit illustrates, pranks are still going strong.

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The Blurst of Cafeteria Fare

Cafeteria food is not the best, I think we can all agree. It’s why Jamie Oliver is petitioning around pretty much the whole world asking for a healthy change. The old questionable tray of gray meat, the half-frozen microwaved potato gems, and Home brand meat pies bring on lukewarm memories. At least back then we didn’t have to pay too much money on that shit. Oh fuck, I can actually now say “In my day, we spent $2 and got a drink, a pie, and some lollies.”

Anyway, Reddit is always good at bringing back to mind the childhood years and these next images are the food the lunch ladies would slop on our plates and have us look upon in disgust.

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School Philly Cheese-Steak

Speaking of the old days, here’s a modern-day challenge to eat what the “Greatest Generation’ endured in their heyday.


To Close, Abject Insanity

I’m not sure what this guy being interviewed on live TV is thinking, but I’m pro his facial expressions:

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That awkward feeling of I wish I was anywhere else but here right now:

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The human tendency to fuck up life’s little gifts:

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