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The “Weak” in U.S. Politics: May 2nd 2016

The “Weak” in U.S. Politics: Obama won the 2016 U.S. LOLs for his excellent burns during the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, Carly Fiorina jumps back into the picture, and Trump literally climbs a wall.


The “Weak” in Politics as seen by Alexandra Tselios

Many are saying it is inevitable that Hillary Clinton will get the Democratic nominee and a recent advertisement by Clinton noting Bernie’s work and seeking his fans’ support feels as though she doesn’t consider him a threat despite his accomplishments during this past year. However, while not everyone is convinced we should discount Bernie completely, CNBC says the likelihood of him winning the nomination is improbable but not impossible.

Okay, I’ll admit it, I’ve missed Carly Fiorina, but she is back with Ted Cruz announcing her as his Vice President should he succeed all the way to the White House. A good move, some analysts have acknowledged, considering many voters are still unsure which Republican they want to back, so announcing a female VP when you are up against a guy who is a known misogynist is a clever move. Worth also mentioning, the fact that no Republican since 1976 has announced their chosen Vice President this prematurely and doing so could also give Cruz an “in” within the voting pool he has been unable to infiltrate so far (Fiorina won over 4 million votes herself back in 2010). Looks like Cruz’s strategy to block Trump is not just about an alignment with Kasich for the remaining primaries, but also anyone who can help boost him in the polls. He is being much more strategic than I initially gave him credit for, I will suggest though it is campaign advisers rather than him who is coming up with these ideas.

Republicans though are generally not buying whatever it is leading candidate for their party, Trump, is selling. After Charles Koch came out last week in reluctant support of Hillary, The New York Times ran an op-ed looking at how very few Republicans want to align with him whatsoever as he continues to storm rally after rally. A Trump rally is not a Trump rally without some drama, and Trump had to scale a wall on Friday just to avoid protesters at his rally using the opportunity to seem “of the people” by saying, “We went under a fence and through a fence, and oh boy, it felt like I was crossing the border, actually.” The jokes just write themselves during this campaign.

Speaking of writing jokes, Obama was on fire this weekend at his White House Correspondents’ Dinner. I like that Obama has turned this event (and his social media accounts) into a political roast, and while my favorite “White House Roast” dinner consisted of Obama ribbing Trump and showing a Lion King clip back in 2011, this year’s roast definitely delivered. My favorite part of these roasts are Trump’s inability to crack a smile, although he shouldn’t feel too special at these things, Obama also called out Bernie Sanders with, “Bernie, you look like a million bucks. Or to put it in terms you’ll understand, 37,000 donations of $27 each.” And Hillary was not left out either with Obama commenting on her Social Media usage, “You’ve got to admit it though, Hillary trying to appeal to young voters is a little bit like your relative that just signed up for Facebook. ‘Dear America, did you get my poke? Is it appearing on your wall? I’m not sure I’m using this right. Love, Aunt Hillary.’ ”

Ah, Obama, a.k.a., POTUZ (President of the Ultimate Zingers!).


The “Weak” in Politics as seen by Roger Pugh

Heard in Congress
“Why doesn’t Obama want the UK to leave the EU?”
“Because he feels that it should specialize in bailouts rather than bale-outs.”

Heard in a Chicago Pub
“What’s the difference between Obama’s and Trump’s immigration policies?”
“The one wants to send all the Mexicans in the U.S. to Mexico and the other wants to bring all the Mexicans in Mexico to the U.S.”

Heard at Republican Party HQ
“What’s Bernie’s best chance of winning the Democratic nomination?”
“The FBI.”

Heard in a Los Angeles Restaurant
“Why are you one of the 56% who won’t vote for Hillary, the 65% who won’t vote for Trump, the 62% who won’t vote for Bernie, and the 60% who won’t vote for Cruz?”
“After voting for Bush and Obama, I’ve lost all confidence.”

Heard at Trump Campaign HQ
“What do you think about Cruz and Kasich ganging up?”
“It’s like the ineluctable meets the unelectable.”

Heard in Macy’s
“The Presidential election takes place just after the World Series.”
“That might inspire the Republicans to bring in a pinch-hitter for Trump.”




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