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Happy Mother’s Day: 5 Intense Mom Moments

Happy Mother’s Day 2016! Here are some choice mom-ents on both the big screen and the small. Enjoy. And then call your mum.


This Mother’s Day, perhaps you want to make your mother a card with pop-up hearts or you want to order her a fleecy bathrobe that costs $5.99 from Walmart. Perhaps a poem is planned or even a good Skype session with Andre Rieu as background music if she lives far away. Cute. But don’t forget, being a Mother is a serious serious job and often thankless. Don’t worry, this is not a post about how you should try to work out the dollar value of the 24/7 work your momma does, instead, we have picked out our favorite intense moms ever!


1. Mommie Dearest, Faye Dunaway

No one does crazy mom better than Faye Dunaway in Mommie Dearest. Some of the scenes are pretty upsetting, but when you watch her hold her own in the boardroom of Pepsi, she is intense and awesome!


2. Wife Swap, King Curtis vs Joy

“She gonna try to stop me, but she can’t run in those little high heels.” Ahh, when you try to negotiate with a kid who has a clear addiction to bacon, poor Joy had no chance considering the kid thinks she is just a “smart little girl” trying to get him to eat healthy food. Props to Joy for keeping her cool, not that she would get angry, but who else could hold in the laughter when he starts stomping around with his mini suitcase.


3. Postcards from the Edge

“Remember my 17th birthday party when you lifted your skirt up?”

“I did not lift my skirt up, it TWIRLED UP!”

“And your weren’t wearing any underwear?”

Look, sometimes mother and daughter relationships are complicated; especially when you are trying to make it in Hollywood and your mother is already an egotistical star.


4. Grey Gardens, Tea for Two

Giving up on your dreams and living with your mother and the cats is not a dream come true, especially if you always wanted to be a cabaret singer. Cult classic documentary, Grey Gardens, is one of the most haunting true stories of an odd mother-daughter relationship—and also one of the most entertaining.


5. Mean Girls, The Cool mom

Everyone had that friend at school with the mom who wanted to be cool and be “one” with the high school girls. We still love Amy Poehler’s performance as Regina’s pink velour-suited mom who likes to articulate that she is not a regular mom, but a cool one—with hump day treats and everything!




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