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The “Weak” in U.S. Politics: May 9th 2016

The “Weak” in U.S. Politics: Cruz and Kasich drop out, leaving only Trump. And even though Sanders is surging, will he end up being Clinton’s running mate?


The “Weak” in Politics as seen by Alexandra Tselios

Then there was one.

Recently, I wrote about how great it was that Carly Fiorina was back in the campaign as Ted Cruz prematurely announced (no one else had done that since 1976) she would be his Vice President. Fast-forward less than a few days later and Cruz suspends his Presidential campaign after another loss to Trump in the Indiana GOP Primaries. Awkward for Carly, who was probably hoping that Cruz alignment was her big shot. Within moments, my entire Facebook feed is inundated with “WOW. Is Trump really going to be the GOP Candidate?” forgetting that the often forgotten John Kasich was still running. Poor Kasich, he was the new Jeb Bush. But alas, moments later, Kasich dropped out too. Apparently, he was sitting on a plane and went “WTF am I doing?” I get that, I think we were all thinking that, John.

Meanwhile, Trump now has the daunting task of trying to find some sense of support within the Republican Party, facing a continuing fragmented climate despite popularity in the polls. Jeb Bush and George Bush Jr. all came out to announce their lack of support for the Republican candidate adding to the list of top Republicans who refuse to back Trump in any capacity during this campaign. I can’t imagine Trump cares too much from a personal standpoint (he recently said there is no need for unity within the party) since his whole shtick is that he is anti-the-Republican-elite and sick of politicians generally. Although, he is clearly underestimating the need for some level of support to be successful in executing much of what he wants to see come to pass should he make it into the White House. The vast divide currently within the Republican Party exemplifies the often contentious relationship between voters and Republican elites; signalling a new era for the party with many die-hard Republican voters admitting they are even going to vote for Hillary now and it is unlikely that he will face a contested convention.

“Ben Howe, a contributing editor at conservative website Red Statetweeted before Cruz dropped out, ‘I am a fiscal conservative and I am a social conservative. That will not change. But I will not vote for an egomaniacal authoritarian. Nope.’ And then he followed simply with the Clinton campaign’s hashtag: #ImWithHer.” —Time, Meet the Republicans Who Say They’ll Vote for Hillary Clinton.

Bernie Sanders supporters were ecstatic with his recent 52.7% win this week in the Indiana Primaries and then a 72% win in this weekend’s Washington Caucus. Although, while impressive, the argument is still around the lack of support from Super delegates with Hillary only 154 delegates away from securing the Democratic nomination. He may not have the mathematic likelihood to win the nomination, but Bernie has suggested he would be open to possibly becoming Hillary’s Vice President, which I imagine is a far more realistic opportunity than the past fortnight’s dreams of Carly Fiorina. Hillary is also being more strategic around her appeal to Sanders supporters, with talks of building a Climate War Room in the White House. Based on the 1942 Roosevelt Map Room, the technology in the room will attempt to help the Government plan and adapt to Climate Change.

So, it is becoming more and more likely that the next few months will see us discussing a Trump vs Clinton race to the White House, with even Obama all but endorsing Hillary’s inevitable move into the role of 2016 Democratic Nominee.


The “Weak” in Politics as seen by Roger Pugh

Heard in Congress
“Do you see any benefit in Trump’s wall?”
“Oh sure, Chinese tourists will flock here to see the Wall of America.”

Heard at Cruz’s Campaign HQ
“What lesson can we take from Ted’s failure to get the nomination?”
“Being an Extreme Right Tea Party evangelical is a case of three strikes and you’re out.”

Heard at Hillary’s Campaign HQ
“Do you think that Trump will ever reach the point where he’s detested by 100% of the population?”
“Only if he becomes President.”

Heard at the Gym
“If Hillary becomes President, will it be possible to criticize her without being labelled sexist or misogynist?”
“No, you’ll have to get your wife to do it.”

Heard on Miami Beach
“Bernie’s socialist policies seem very similar to the ones Chavez implemented in Venezuela.”
“So, if he becomes President, we can expect the economy to last for about another fifteen years.”

Heard in a 5th Avenue Restaurant
“I wonder if there will be another Watergate scandal during the Presidential election.”
“The Democrats haven’t got anything left worth stealing, it’s all been sent out through Hillary’s private email system.”




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