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The Blurst of Reddit: Who Wore It Better, Noble Thieves, Killer Bees

Welcome to the place where taste comes to die and leaves way too many notes. Reddit this week compares fashion, and contrasts bees and wasps. 


Reddit Fashion

Fashion; either you get it banging or you’re left looking … dang-ing … you know, like it’s a fail … sorry, I’m trying to rhyme. I write a fashion and beauty column occasionally and as an expert in my field (in my mind), it’s my job to have a good eye on what’s going to be on key for a large mass of styles in the near future. There are some looks that have me thinking “WTF is happening in people’s heads?” And cue the Reddit … [cycle through the images by clicking the arrows below]

“Who Wore it Better?” Mini Dump


Kids Honoring Their Food

As adults, too often we take the food on our plates for granted. I think it’s because we get into a routine of work, eat, sleep, repeat. We walk to the fridge keeping our food cold … take out some leftover Chinese food, put it in the microwave, heat that shit up, plunk it on a plate, grab an eating tool and shovel it into our faces, barely taking note of what it is we are actually eating.

Kids, on the other hand, are so intrigued by what’s placed in front of them. Like, when babies start eating solids for the first time and their little eyes light up with captivation. They pick up the food, eyes transfixed, and taste it. Not too much at first, they’re just taking it in. Once they’re sure they like it, they go cray cray on that gloriousness and pretty much become one with it. In the hair, on the face, and arms it goes. Maybe they think it’s so good that the rest of their body deserves to partake.

That’s why going to a new eat-out is so fun, you get to experience food like a kid again. Like when I find a new burger that makes me want to cry in happiness, I’m this close to grabbing some pom poms and doing a high kick.

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The Right Thing to Do, the Wrong Way

Yay to all those honest people out there who do the moral thing and return what is not theirs. It’s that age-old question, what would you do if you found a large amount of money? Would you bring it to the police to find the owner or would you keep it? Well, it didn’t work out too well for that student who woke up to find millions of dollars in her bank account. Clearly it was a mistake, but that didn’t stop her from spending it. Yo-fucking-lo. Can’t blame her, I would have done the same.

This very honest person showcased on Reddit did the right thing … kind of …

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Lastly, Our Noble Dope as Fuck Allies … The Bee

The Bee and the Wasp, like a gentle dorky boy next door and his mean dickhead brother. One we don’t mind too much, and the other can go get fucked. Lesson? Don’t be a prick to a bee, leave that shit for wasps … then run like hell because they will hunt you down and try to kill you.

Bees vs Wasps – redone




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