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The “Weak” in U.S. Politics: June 20th 2016

The “Weak” in U.S. Politics: Over 7,000 Bernie Sanders supporters have signed up to run for office while Americans still trust Trump over Clinton, but the question of the week was, “Would Trump drop out for $150 million?” Crowdfund now!


The “Weak” in Politics as seen by Alexandra Tselios

In what feels like the most drawn out U.S. Elections ever, the past week saw the residue from the tragic Orlando shooting create a divide among our candidates with Hillary Clinton releasing an ad asking the question, “Who is really the friend of the LGBT community?” How impactful the ad is remains to be seen, but considering legal scholars and former judges have come out to say Trump “lacks respect for basic norms,” it is likely to just be another digital asset used to indicate how many feel he would be detrimental to progression for America.

So far into the race, would Trump ever drop out? According to POLITICO, a “Trump adviser” suggested that money talks and Trump walks with the offer needing to be around $150 million to walk away at this stage. Trump has of course denied this as absolutely ridiculous, but maybe it’s time for Republicans to start a Kickstarter campaign. I know Mitt Romney would probably pledge and I don’t even think you would have to have particularly compelling prizes for backing the project.

Trump reminded us again though that he isn’t short of cash by coming out to say if GOP support wavers he can self-fund his own campaign, he is going after the big gig and it doesn’t matter how much that costs. It is getting to be a tighter race than ever between Trump and Clinton, with an interesting op-ed in The Atlantic detailing why voters hate both Clinton and Trump. The reality around both candidates facing both legal and moral scandals in the past 12 months has resulted in constant declines around favorability; interestingly, the polls still show voters trust Trump over Clinton and also consider Clinton more corrupt.

Bernie Sanders in the past week continues to inspire with almost 7,000 supporters themselves signing up to run for office, a move that we have also seen here at The Big Smoke America with our own Sean Davis recently running a fabulous mayoral campaign in Portland, Oregon. The path that Sanders has forged gives hope to Americans who for many reasons often feel they can’t change the status quo. Slowly, as more people realize the power of their voice—whether that is writing opinion pieces that challenge the narrative to taking an active role in politics—people are feeling more empowered than ever. A recent speech by Bernie saw him reiterate that his vision is not a fringe concept, with over 8 million small donations showing the impact of the grassroots campaign. The American dream of “if I can see it, I can be it” takes a whole new turn when the core values are vastly different to the previous dream makers.

Interesting to me personally, was the calls from business leaders over this past week trying to ensure that Obama’s free-trade deal (Trans-Pacific Partnership) would go through. The deal would result in a more competitive commercial environment and economic growth across the U.S. Both Trump and Clinton currently do not support the TPP. Obama, of course, explained the free-trade deal in the recent “Slow Jam the News” on Jimmy Fallon. The video has since been watched over 8 million times on YouTube, but I am assuming understanding what the TPP truly entails was low on the priority list for many viewers.



The “Weak” in Politics as seen by Roger Pugh

Heard in the State Department
“Would you be worried if Hillary assumed Presidential responsibility for preventing terrorist attacks?”
“I certainly would; especially if I got a posting to the embassy in Benghazi.”

Heard at Hillary’s Campaign HQ
“I see Bernie is determined not to give up the fight.”
“He’s hoping for divine intervention from the FBI.”

Heard in a Hollywood Hairdressing Salon
“Why are you convinced that Hillary is in such good shape to become President?”
“She’s even prepared for the Oval Office by becoming more egg-shaped.”

Heard at a Democratic Fundraiser
“Do you see any sign of Trump becoming more Presidential?”
“No more than Dennis Rodman.”

Heard in a Chicago Pub
“I read the other day that there are Mexicans who are terrorists and Muslims who are drug dealers.”
“Trump will find that terribly confusing.”

Heard at Fox News
“What chance will the next President have of uniting the country?”
“About the same as Kim Jong-un has of uniting North and South Korea.”




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