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The Blurst of Reddit: Dealing with Passive-Aggressives, Motivation, and the Merits of the Minority

There’s a distinct self-help vibe emanating from Planet Reddit this week. Saying that, if you get help from Reddit, you need help. H-E-L-P.


The Joys of Passive-Aggression

It all starts with an incredibly wide smile, eyes as wide as the local lunatic that your parents warned you about as a kid, and beginning a sentence like, “Now, Katie, I’m sure you wouldn’t like for that to happen, would you? I know you’ll make the right decision.” (Which is their decision, of course?)

Coming across a passive-aggressive person makes me chuckle and feel all warm inside. For me, there is nothing better than beating one of them at their own game, throwing back that crazy smile with an, “Actually, I would love that to happen, nothing would make me happier.”

The change of expression on their face once they realize they can’t manipulate you with kind words and insane eyes is so delicious I could pour it on Belgian waffles and nom nom nom.

They’ll try and take you down ’cause having no control hurts their innards. “Oh, I’m sure you wouldn’t, that person could get hurt, Katie.”

“I don’t care, I’m dead inside, bitch.”

Be like this dude. (Of course, pro-fur is a no-no, but his no fucks given attitude makes the world a better place.)

Can’t bring me down.

Anyway, hoping you get the point. Passive-aggressive people, you suck! Here are some Reddits!

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Be the Minority

Someone trying to bring you down for just having a different opinion? Next time, do this.

Yeah, well, you know, that’s just, like, your opinion, man.


To End This Week’s Blurst of Reddit, I Shall Leave You with Some Motivation to Get You Pumped for Getting Your Shit Together

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