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The Blurst of Reddit: The Problems of Love, the Problems of Youth, and the Problem with Me

Reddit … the weekend transport system of the Internet. You’re far too hungover to deal and the offerings are thin. Our one true love! Taxi!


In the Name of Love

Ever have your grandparents break into a story about their first sexual adventures and how good it made them feel all over? Who doesn’t like to hear the vicious pangs of unchecked, visceral romance. Ah, young love. Ain’t it grand? Spare a thought for the future grandkids of these two lovebirds as they try to retrace the steps they made in the name of our grandest pursuit.


Oh well, could be worse.

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Punk Kids, I’m Sorry the World Gave You a Chance

These days, kids give bloody good advice. Not that I’ve tried to seek advice from a child, that would be ridiculous … right? But kidlets nowadays, in their grownup clothes and thinking they’re the shit (no, Mom, I was never like that) ….

They’re still growing minds and take that as the way to dress, talk, behave. The 2016 kid is left to think that speaking back to an elder is cool, because they’re being themselves and that’s what is important and not manners.

Thanks, world.

MRW my niece tells me the worst is behind her now that she’s done with highschool

So, yes, I feel sorry for these little shits, but I do smile and feel warmish in the bellies and laugh like an evil witch when the actual way of the world is shoved in their faces once they reach the age of adulthood or, as I like to call, how to fail at life.


It’s Not Me, It’s You

I know I come off as a people-hating, brooding, “life sucks” kind of gal, like I need to be smacked in the face by a rainbow, but I’m not at all, I’m delightful.

… but I’m voting for this guy. Mwahahaha!

Got my vote




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