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The Blurst of Reddit: When God Created Animals … and Made Me Cynical

Whoever it was that said, “When something can be defined, it loses meaning,” probably wasn’t referencing Reddit. Hooray for the Blurst!


How God Created the Animals. Sort Of.

Ever look at an animal that looks so fucked up you think, How did that evolve? And, more importantly, why? Like those meat-eating plants, the platypi, or emo people … what shit did some person do to evolve to that horrific state? No particular insult to you emo persons, for I share your value system:

I’m really not emo but..

If you believe in a higher being that created the heavens and the earth and all it contains, can you ask them what were they thinking? Were they feeling particularly creative that time when they sketched up the wasp … or just having a bad day?

Well, here on the bent ecosystem of Reddit, we have discovered the genesis of such things. Sort of. And that’s sort of, as in not really. Cue the lolz!

How God Created Animals


The Bashing of Religious Material and the Doorstep Battering of Your Senses

I’m all for believing in what you want, freedom of faith and what not, but I draw the line at religious people coming to your door and wanting to guide you into their ways. If you really want to show the goodness of your faith, just shut up and show it by how you live and treat others. People will see with their eyes, not by some dude telling you to live life his way or it’s hell for you.

Anyway, saying that, I kind of feel for those who have to go door to door. They must cop a lot of shit. And on the other hand … nah.

This next Reddit person has set a challenge for those bible bashers and made it near impossible for them to spread their truth.

It is good to be an introvert in Iceland

If a witness of Jehovah can make it to that front door, then he deserves at least a few minutes listening to. After all, faith can be rewarding.

Taking a leap of faith


And Finally, an Important Petition We Can All Get Behind


’Til next time …




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