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The Blurst of Reddit: The Gains of Understanding. Through Stereotypes!

You know what Reddit is all about? The advancement of the species through empathetic understanding.  


We all judge others by a first meeting, by things done differently, and by what we’re told by our own intuition. It happens whether we mean it to or not. We’re taught from childhood by our elders how people from other countries act, look, and live; and, because you have nothing else to go on, what’s been told is the only truth you know and it kind of sticks in the back of your mind. It’s completely unfair, we all know that.

Let’s take a look at some of the most ridiculous stereotypes in the form of memes.



“Everything in Australia will kill you.”

Yes, we’d like foreigners to believe it in order to make us seem more badass, but it’s not true. Except if you see this motherfucker. When its eyes start glowing red, you should haul arse.

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I wish the following was possible. Imagine if we each were given a kangaroo that acted like our protector when we were children. We’d then fit the international stereotype and sort out our crap transit system. Everyone wins. Are you listening, Mike Baird?



I’ve recently gone on an exercise fest and even joined a gym … one that I actually go to, not just pay and completely avoid. I’ve become more aware about health and fitness. I’d like to point out that whilst obesity covers the globe, obviously there are higher rates in some parts of the world than others, including Australia. The USA is branded as one of the worst offenders, but you know what, looking at this hot dog bacon maple nom nom creation, I’m beginning to not care and I’m feeling a sudden anger towards this celery stick I’m holding.

Bring that gloriousness to Australia, yo.




As far as stereotypes go, this isn’t a bad one at all. Just shows what vibe your country gives to foreigners. Well done you, Canada.

Oh Canada…

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