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The Blurst of Reddit: The Blurst of Inspiration

Seeking inspiration from Reddit is like bathing with a toaster, but we’re doing it anyway.


In this week’s Blurst, I hope to motivate some of you with some great inspirers from Reddit. So yeah, don’t hope for much. Or do hope for a lot, it’s your life, do what you want.



Chasing (Dem) Dreams

I often wonder what age is it when we slowly start to give up on our dreams. Those lofty childhood dreams of becoming an astronaut, doctor, or dragon slayer that get scuttled yonder when you realize: yeah, nah.

Well, I cry bullshit! I think the notion of that thinking is a cop out. I think our main problem (I know I can’t speak for everyone, but I’m going to) is whether that we’re lazy or too scared to try. What is needed, clearly, is some inspo, so with that impulse in mind, let me showcase this dude: his dream started long ago, and he never gave up! You’ll make it, buddy! Howl to your dreams!

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See also: Jared Leto, despite horrible movie reviews aside, look how happy he is in his green coat:

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Yeah, go for your dreams, and if you’re not well off like me, wish for some fucking luck to be on your side.

Worth of Living


Getting Priorities Right Can Make Some Real Change to Your Life

The notion that if you make the choice to do life on a budget you could save money to go towards a trip overseas, or if you decided that you didn’t actually need that new coat from Glasson’s, you’re dying at the thought of not having it your life, but you can just wear your old one and save.

And, who knew, apparently quitting drinking really changes your whole damn life too! Here I am sitting low on cash and depressed but with a fridge full of recently bought booze.

Oh well, that’s a problem for when the booze stocks run dry.

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How Your Attitude Dictates Behavior

If you wake up in a foul mood, everything and everyone who has the misfortune of encountering you will wish for your dear sweet rapid death. Wake up determined to see the good in life, the world will make you smile, and people won’t run away from you. It’s actually a pretty good verb to test out. Make a choice to note the little good things throughout the day and you’ll automatically feel happier.

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It’s All Too Much

After my positivity overhaul, if you can’t shake the blues, just think of this: A rainbow butterfly unicorn kitten.

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