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I Saw the News Today : NY Not IS, IS Claim Minnesota, Manchester Loses Plot, Vale Liesl

Oh Monday, you brute. What happened while you were asleep? Well, the NY attacks are now terrorism, but not IS, Manchester lost to Watford (cue the lols), and the actress who brought us Liesl, left us.


Chelsea Attack Now Labelled as Terrorism, Not IS; IS Claims Minnesota Attack

The attack heard around the social media world rolled on today with the New York state government attaching a label, now prepared to call it terrorism. The latest news is no news. No motive is known and thusly no responsibility has been claimed. So, breakfast time shrugs for all. The standard question is, “Was it I.S.?” and the answer, is no. Of the hook, however, we do not get off, it seems, with IS claiming responsibility for an attack at a Minnesota shopping mall which injured eight.

The antagonist of the piece, and an endorsed “soldier of Islamic State” was killed by an off-duty policeman who, in the larger terms of the U.S. election and in the views of the voter behind the tweet below (and others like him), may have turned the wind back toward the pro-security flagging Republican candidate.


Watford down Manchester United, Internet Makes with the Memes

Oh, José. For all the signings, all the hype, all the aura that you brought, it’s same old Manchester United. Which, as a football fan, I’ve been waiting to say for 15 years. So, pardon the smugness, but that acidic feeling seems to be shared online with the vociferous reaction to the 3-1 loss to Watford overnight. Yeah. 3-1. This loss signifies Mourinho’s first three-loss streak since 2006, which was underpinned by a man who hadn’t scored in four years.

The Internet handled it exactly as you presumed it would, even birthing an impersonator of midfielder Paul Pogba under the handle of “Confused Pogba.”

Be nice.


Hollywood’s Most Enduring Fascist Sympathizer Passes, #ValeLiesl

Well, it was a movie. But close enough. The actress who wore the clothes of Liesl von Trapp in The Sound of Music (the one who had the Nazi bae, remember?), Charmian Carr, has gone to the large Austrian manor in the sky. The actress and singer was made famous for having an uptight father, and being sixteen going on seventeen, and seemingly famous for being quite a dish indeed, as the fourth-highest suggested Google search is “Charmian Carr 2015,” which roughly translates to, “Is she still hot?”

Considering her film credits outside the Von Trapp family were skint, it seems that Carr’s legacy matches the title of her autobiography, as she will remain in the collective eye: “Forever Liesl.” Vale, indeed.

And finally, by virtue that it’s a Monday:

The horror.




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