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The Blurst of Reddit: A Salute to the Everyday Superhero

Not every superhero wears a cape, but in the Gotham of Reddit, they have usernames. So, let us honor those who sacrifice themselves only for our gain. Well, that and upvotes.


The quiet do-gooders. The lighthouses in our dark hours. The comforter of our bedridden blues. Let’s take a moment to recognize some unsung heroes whom, without Reddit, may have gone unnoticed; earnest props and heaped kudos to this cavalcade of unknown superheroes.

To the person who graciously fixed the toilet-paper situated struggles:

Sometimes the world needs a hero…

To this person, for overcoming hunger pangs, for truly seeing what is in front of them (that would have ultimately set their cat on fire) …

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To the quick-result paternity tests for keeping it real. We thank the fuck out of you!

Thank God

… because I’m not about dealing with this right now in my life, no thank you.

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See, I’m a person who needs to look at beautiful things to feel happy, and I know I’m not alone in that. Chuck me in a messy house, that I’m not allowed to clean, and my feels will reach a low, very quickly. I even buy things on their look and how it makes me feel. Clothes, shoes, jewelry … fuck, am I completely vain or what? I can’t help it. I recently went from blonde to a brunette with a terrible haircut and felt like I went from a smiley Cameron Diaz to a life sucks Daria in a quick chop and rinse. Yeah, vain is not my best angle. Now I do my hair growing dance every night. You grow, dammit!!

Anyway, that’s all to say that the look of something really does matter to whether we buy or use it—hence this fucking dope Reddit cigarette packaging. I would totally carry these around:

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Damn, I want a smoke right about now.

Ever try to find a comic, meme, or gif that sums up your life in one hit? Well, I’ve hit the jackpot and found mine. #DemSubwayFeels

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To end on a positive note, here’s a laughing dog:

Okay, bye!





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