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The Blurst of Reddit: The Finite Wisdom of the Reddit-Verse

Oh, Reddit. You’re like the Judge Judy of my cynical heart. Sentence me with your jagged rulings. This week, I trudge through what can be learned from that e-courtroom.


The Best Kind of Reviews

Looking for a certain product and quickly need to know how good it really is? Well, the best Amazon.com reviews are here to save the day! You could seek the reputable impartial sources of the Interwebs, or you could seek the guidance of those cretins of Reddit. I know which one I’d choose.

Amazon is full of golden reviews from funny

I don’t need to outrun the bear from funny

On the topic of reviews, want to know one of the quickest ways to get to know a complete stranger? Just look at the back of their car. If they have the stick family stickers adorning their back window, you’ll get a clue about them, or at the very least how many of them you will have to buy ammunition for. Could be a BBQ-ing dad and a yoga-loving mum? Could be a lone woman with six cats, or a stripper working the pole next to a drugged-up homie? Whatever they be, you’ll get that quick insight. But most importantly, if they don’t have those stupid stickers up, give them a thumbs-up and a high-five, because they’re the best kind of people in this follow-the-trend world. #StickFamilyStickersSuck

Life choices from funny

How dinosaurs evolved and how dinosaurs ended … or did they? That is the Reddit question. I’m an anything-is-possible kind of gal, semi-conspiracy realist, semi-show me hard evidence. I’m also a sarcastic noob, but I’m so subtle about it that people think I’m legitimately serious. I’m at the point of my sarcastic craft that instead of explaining that I’m joking about believing we were all once unicorns, I’ll go ahead and let those who don’t get the joke just believe I believe that. Anyway, that was all to say that this dinosaur evidence is legit, guys. Legit! Conspiracy has been proven!

How dinosaurs evolved according to an ancient Chinese scripture

Your move, Spielberg …


Dinosaur College


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