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The Blurst of Reddit: Doctoring the Memories You’d Rather Not Remember

A photo is forever. What a disappointing and macabre thought. This week, I sought the help of Reddit to fix those godawful memories I run from.


Childhood photos. Good lord, save me now. They’re either darn right embarrassing, traumatizing as fuck, or both. And they’re all the photos that your mother likes to get out to show the guests when you return home to a “welcome back” gathering. The childhood bathtub nude shots with your two brothers are passed around, the playground shots where you refused to be one of the clothes-wearing humans are shoved in people’s faces, the dinnertime nude shots … basically, every time a photo was taken when you were a little tyke, you were butt naked and it’s immortalized on a damn piece of glossy photo paper. And the shame never goes away.

So how do you deal with this horrendous worldwide happening? You own it like a damn boss is what you do!

Like these lads who have recreated some somewhat-would-be-embarrassing photos and shot replicas in their adult lives. Check ’em out—the outcome is amazing!!


Image: boredpanda.com/recreating-childhood-photos-then-and-now-luxton-brothers/


Here’s a few more gems from some other wonderments:


My Sister and I doing our annual Then & Now

My proportions seem to have changes somewhere between 6 months and 26 years…


Looking at these old, embarrassing, shitty-definition images, midst painting my nails for my Instagram beauty shots, got me thinking about how lucky we are with today’s tech. We have apps that can change our online persona to an A-grade—yay! Like, for instance, I got a haircut a few days back that made me run home and cry for three days straight. But with a dash of the right camera angle, and a soak in 20 photo filters, I made that haircut look pretty alright. Now the world will think my hair looks edgy and cool—only my close crew and I will know that I now look like a member of The Beatles, pre-drugs, with tears, muttering, “God kill me now!”

It’s all about forced perspective. You can take a dull-looking photo and just filter the fuck out of it. And voila, you have an Instagram snap that tens of people might like. And we all know life is only worth living when you gain another follower or some likes, otherwise, how will we know if we’re doing well in our fake online lives? (I hope you read that in a sarcastic tone) It is how we live our lives today, grabbing a confidence boost from a complete stranger to feel validated or worthy. It’s interesting how we psychologically manipulate ourselves and others into believing everything in our appearance and our lives is perfect—because a photo never lies, right?


Good lord, my head hurts. That’s enough of the deep thoughts for a few weeks.

On that much too serious note, I’ll leave you with this little dude, a grape with a beard … because it’s Reddit, so why not!?

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