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The Blurst of Reddit: The Miniature Horse Stopping ISIS and Test-Drivable Toiletries

Gorge yourself on the procrastination-flavored pie that is Reddit, but don’t hate us afterwards. You picked up the fork.



Hold your horses, cowboy. Before you go ahead and Google how to join ISIS just so you can see if Little Einstein pops up, don’t bother, it’s a joke. You’ll only get ISIS links and results about how to join. Weird. Actually, what’s weird is that the government go ahead and shut down sites on minor controversial subject matters every day, yet they can’t wipe out all the sites that help people join ISIS because of rights to free speech. We aren’t buying it, yo!

But anyway, this segment is to showcase Einstein the mini horse. Cute little fucker.

On the topic of horses, now is the time for humans to take a stance from sea horses and have people with male genitalia go ahead and birth some rugrats. About bloody time! Equality, yeee!

A friend posted this amazing pregnancy photo today.. from funny

But how will this work … hmmmm? Well, technology has advanced amazingly in the last few years so building a fake womb to embed in a male-genitaled person shouldn’t be that hard, they have the ability to help build a new body for people, so, why not? Maybe one day not too far in the future everyone will have the ability to give birth and do everything the same because we’ll all be one gender. Made in science labs, “female” and “male” will be a thing of the past and you will be just known as a human. It would stop the whole gender equality shizzle, but really, we should be at a place where we can have that same outcome without the one-gender movement, hence, equal rights movement.

I just feel like there is always going to be something that causes hate. Maybe we should face facts that above is just a photo captured at the right time and realize there’s things a person with female body parts can do that a person with male body parts can’t. That’s what makes us different and unique from each other. We’re all different pieces of the puzzle; we need our differences to make it work. Maybe we should celebrate that shizzle before we all become the same beige uniforms. Maybe I shouldn’t be writing this at 3:00 a.m. when my Katie deep thoughts are on acceleration.

In the end, I’m not sure what the best outcome for the future is, but I do know that, in the end, haters are gonna hate; they’ll always find something. If you can’t already tell, I’m all types of cheery this wee morning, but am still trying not to offend people, which is basically impossible. I feel as though an impending hate letter will be written to me from someone who identifies as a sea horse. Well, neigh, neigh, mother trucker.

Alrighty, onto some light funnies.


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